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BioDNA Laboratory Services Ltd is an ISO 17025 accredited biotechnology company offering several human, animal, bird and bacteria DNA testing, as well as water and food testing, genotyping, sequencing and other custom research solutions.

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We can present you with a selection of services and tests including microbiology testing, chemical analyses, animal DNA testing, clinical tests and DNA tests.

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How To Sample

In order for the testing to be accurate, samples have to come from a good source and stored correctly.

Paternity & Relationship Testing

The best sample for DNA testing is a buccal swab. However, Chewing gum, bottles or glasses, cigarette butts and hair with roots are good sources of DNA. DNA can be extracted from nails, teeth and bones, however the success rate of these samples is much lower. Samples can be taken by our qualified personnel by appointment. Clients can collect sampling swabs from our labs or bring samples stored in bags to avoid external contamination.

Bird Sexing Testing

Three or more chest feathers from the bird can be used. These feathers should be stored in a sealed plastic bag and appropriately labelled. The  name of the bird, its species, ring number and date of the sample collection should be included on the label. The bird’s blood can also be supplied for sexing testing. 

Samples should not be exposed to extreme temperature, and are to be delivered to the lab within 48 hours.

Food and Water

It is essential that containers used for food and water testing are sterile. This is done in order to avoid external contamination of the sample. Food samples should ideally be submitted to the lab in their sealed and original packing. 

BioDNA provides sterile sampling bottles for water sampling free of charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the procedure and volume of sample that needs to be collected.