About Us

BioDNA Laboratory Services Ltd. is an ISO/EC 17025 accredited biotechnology company that offers a variety of testing solutions. Our testing portfolio branches into DNA testing, food and water microbiology, environmental testing, drug analysis and Toxicology. 


Quality is a core value for BioDNA Laboratory Services Ltd, being one of the first Maltese companies to provide a wide range of accredited testing. We are committed to provide a wide range of ISO/EC 17025 accredited testing solutions to the Maltese Law Courts, government entities, private companies, and individuals. 


The Laboratory was awarded GMP certification by the Malta Medicines Authority for the microbiological testing of pharmaceutical grade water, finished products and raw material in accordance with procedures in the European Pharmacopoeia. This makes BioDNA Laboratory Services Ltd the only company in Malta that follows both GMP and ISO 17025 standards. 


To ensure quality, BioDNA Laboratory Services Ltd participates in routine proficiency testing schemes. This reflects the laboratory’s commitment to assure the quality and reliability of our testing results.