Microbiology Testing

Microbiological Analysis

Microbiological analysis is a way to ensure that food and water are safe for human consumption. Such tests and analyses are used to determine whether or not food and water quality is in accordance with local and  EU quality standards.

Environmental Monitoring

Our environmental monitoring testing solutions are designed to monitor the quality of a particular environment, such as in a factory or other sensitive spaces – especially one where microbial counts must be low to ensure safety.

Molecular testing

Our molecular testing services are made up of a compilation of high-end techniques where the DNA is carefully analysed in a controlled environment in order to confirm the presence of an organism.


Salmonella is one of the microorganisms that is responsible for food poisoning. Salmonella can be found in water, fruits, meat, vegetables and other food products. We offer Salmonella testing in accordance with EU legislation of food, water and environmental samples.


To date we know that Legionella colonisation in water systems could lead to the development of severe pulmonary disease. Through adequate monitoring of the water systems and periodic testing for Legionella, this risk is reduced. We offer Legionella testing of samples (hot/ cold water from taps, showers, pools, spa, roof tanks, ventilation systems) and water systems risk assessment.

Pharmaceutical Testing

BioDNA has been offering microbiology and environmental testing services to major pharmaceutical companies as an external GMP Certified testing facility. We can also offer product validation and the identification of microorganisms using DNA sequencing.

Food & Water Testing

Chemical analysis

Our water chemistry section is focused on the quality parameters of water such as the presence of Ammonia, Nitrates, salt, chlorine, pH and total dissolved solids. Ideal for testing of water systems, pools, wells and reservoirs. We also offer testing of basic components of food products for nutritional analysis.

Water Testing

We offer microbiological testing for water and other beverages to detect any harmful microorganisms such as moulds, yeasts, Salmonella, coliforms, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Legionella.

Environmental Monitoring

We offer environmental monitoring in hotels, catering establishments and food-producing environments to ensure safe environments for food manufacturing and processing. Consultancies are also offered upon request.

DNA Testing

DNA Analysis

We provide independent DNA forensic services. ‘Every contact leaves a trace’ thus DNA may also be found on various articles that have been handled by a perpetrator.

Bird Sexing

We offer DNA bird sexing as a tool for breeders, vets, and bird owners to determine the sex of birds where the sexes are indistinguishable (monomorphic).

Paternity Testing

A paternity test compares the child’s DNA pattern (DNA profile) with that of the alleged father to determine whether there is a biological relationship. Such tests confirm or exclude paternity.

Relationship Testing

Y-chromosome STRs and mitochondrial DNA testing to trace origins from parental lineages. Such tests can be used to confirm a relationship between individuals.

Pigeon Paternity

This test confirms paternity and maternity of a pigeon. This test helps owners to have peace of mind about the lineage of a pigeon.

Drug Analysis & Toxicology

Illicit Drug Substances

BioDNA, through its forensic experts, have been offering testing on substances that are suspected to be under international control. The testing is offered to Courts of Law and individuals that would like to identify the components of a substance such as powders, liquids, herbal materials and others. The testing procedure is ISO/EC17025 accredited, ensuring the highest quality and reliability of our lab results.

Blood Alcohol Testing

Blood alcohol testing identifies the level of ethanol (alcohol) in the bloodstream as an indicator of alcohol consumption. The results can be used in medico legal procedures to identify the possible intoxication and impairment resulting from alcohol consumption.

Workplace Drug Testing

Our lab has invested in the highest throughput enzyme immunoassay technology to offer fast and reliable screening for the presence of drugs in blood and urine. The test includes all the major drug groups and a number of synthetic drugs. This service is tailor made for specific companies who would like to ensure a work environment free from drug use.

Forensic Toxicology

Toxicology tests aim to answer questions related to the possible effect of exogenous substances during investigations. The testing is done on biological samples including urine and blood to identify and quantify the presence of substances including drugs and alcohol and identify their possible effects at the time of the incident.